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Virtual Mama Moments

Virtual Mama Moments

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Come and chat with me and a few other mamas who have been through (or going through) the same thing you are.  The cleft diagnosis is hard.  The guilt and anxiety is hard.  Knowing what information to absorb first is confusing.  

Open and honest conversation about everything from how to tell friends and family about the diagnosis to preparing for surgery.  

I want to give you the opportunity to ask questions from someone that has been through it and connect with other mamas on the way.

One hour meeting. 5 participants per meeting. Leave feeling informed, empowered and connected.

Stage 1 Meeting:

Diagnosis, telling friends and family, baby prep, feeding, the cleft team (and more!)

Stage 2 Meeting:

Preparing for surgery, weaning, confidence as a cleft mama (and more!) 

Just choose the date & time that suits you best and you'll receive a follow up email with all you need to know!