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Cleft Awareness Stickers for Files

Cleft Awareness Stickers for Files

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Free For Healthcare Professionals & Pregnant Mums!

Rounded stickers noting the Cleft Lip & Palate diagnosis.  These can be used on the front of pregnancy notes and help notify health professionals of the diagnosis.  Hopefully this will help Mum's feel like they won't have to keep repeating themselves and feel comforted that everyone is aware of their journey.

Please request how many stickers you would like to order.  1 item = 1 sticker.
I don't charge for these items as I think they are a beneficial and important addition to a cleft journey - however, if you wish to donate towards Don't Get Lippy to help me continue to produce these products and others that I have in the pipeline, you can do so here.

FYI - If you are ordering from outside of the UK, you will still be charged postage. 

Please note: The stickers will have 'Cleft Lip and Palate' logo from Don't Get Lippy.  Whilst we understand that a cleft palate is unlikely to be diagnosed during a scan, we want to raise awareness for the condition as a whole.  Professionals can chose to remove the palate element.  There will also be space to write bilateral or unilateral if preferred. 

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