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Meditation Audio - 'Reframing Your Thoughts'

Meditation Audio - 'Reframing Your Thoughts'

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Reframing Your Thoughts has been specifically designed and created for those who are cleft affected. 

This soundtrack brings together four different concepts, not available before in one recording.  The concepts will help you to build confidence, resilience and challenge previous thinking patterns, encouraging your thought processes to change. We can all change our minds, we sometimes just need a little help to alter our focus.  

These meditations/visualisations utilise various therapeutic ideas to help you create change for yourself.  As these sound tracks require your full attention and require you to begin to relax, do not listen whilst driving or operating machinery.  This is an MP3, one-time purchase for you to have at your disposal.  The recommendation is to listen to this a couple of times a week to let these thought processes truly sink in.   

These recordings have been made by my wonderful friend, Zetta Thomelin, from Headtogether. Zetta teaches meditation and hypnotherapy and runs a private practice that utilises NLP and hypnotherapy to empower people to change. She is a Director of UKCHO, Chair of BAThH and author of The Healing Metaphor.