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Don't Get Lippy Keepsake/Memory Box
Don't Get Lippy Keepsake/Memory Box

Don't Get Lippy Keepsake/Memory Box

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As well as all the other regular baby bits that you might keep as a reminder of your early days with your baby, cleft families tend to have that..and then some! Hospital wrist bands, appointment letters, feeding tubes.... the list goes on.  Our keepsake boxes are a nod to the journey that all cleft parents and babies go through!

Our strong boxes are matte white with the quote 'What a journey we've had' in gold foil.  When made up, the boxes are 12cm high x 32cm long x 22cm deep (approx).  The lid unfolds from the front and has a magnetic seal. 

We will post to you flat packed to avoid damage and send intructions on how to make up your box in your own time.  


How to make up your box:

1.  Your box will be sent flat packed in a padded envelope

2.  Turn your box so the longest side of the box is facing up

3.  You should see 4 triangles that have a sticky pad covered

4.  Pull the centre two panels up and the ends should be brought up as well which creates the box

5.  Now do this again but peel off each of the 4 triangle films

6.  Repeat step 4 but....

7.  IMPORTANT:  Make sure you make a really tight seal between the pads and the side of the box (sticking the sides together losely will affect the end shape and use of the box

8.  Now you can fold the top over on your box and it will seal with its magnets to close

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