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A6 Diagnosis Support Postcard

A6 Diagnosis Support Postcard

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Free for Healthcare Professionals

A6 postcards available to stored in clinics and hospitals for healthcare professionals to give out to Mums as they receive the cleft diagnosis.  

Diagnosis is an overwhelming experience.  Through our own experience and from talking to others, how the diagnosis is delivered and the discussion around the condition can impact the rest of the pregnancy and how Mums deal with the diagnosis.  These cards are to help Mums feel like they are supported and not alone from the moment that the diagnosis is established. 

We have a direct contact number that Mums can text or What's App to chat, we have a podcast, Instagram, IGTV videos and a website full of personal, in depth stories from us as well as lots of other Mums who share their stories, information and guidance.  

Don't Get Lippy is offering support to Mums from the beginning of their journeys, not to replace information and support from the NHS. 

I don't charge for these items as I think they are a beneficial and important addition to a cleft journey - however, if you wish to donate towards Don't Get Lippy to help me continue to produce these products and others that I have in the pipeline, you can do so here.