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Cleft Affected

Growing up, I always felt different.  I always felt people were staring at me and sometimes that got reaffirmed when people made horrible comments or made me feel uncomfortable, hence where the brand name of 'Don't Get Lippy' comes from. 

I wanted to have tokens of support for people, like me, who were born with a cleft.  Whether you need to connect with people who are similar to you, you need some extra support or just looking for some self-care.  

People may think 'they have had surgery, they're all fixed' but it is often the mental and emotional impact that can continue to show itself in a negative light.

Alongside a friend, Zetta, Don't Get Lippy now has meditation audio downloads that have been specifically created for people who are cleft affected from my past experiences and with the cleft condition in mind. 

I am also chatting with cleft affected adults for the Don't Get Lippy Podcast who have successful careers, businesses or sporting achievements.  These stories are SO interesting and it just shows you what someone can achieve, even after a different start in life.