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Don't Get Lippy - The Reason

In early in 2018, I found out I was pregnant with my son, Will.  At week 13 of my pregnancy, I had a bleed.  Not serious enough for the NHS to scan me, we paid for a private scan for reassurance.  Thankfully the scan showed no concerns and Will was healthy.    Whilst we were there, the sonographer asked if I wanted him to check and see if Will had a cleft lip and palate - the condition I was born with.  I was surprised that he offered to do this but said yes anyway.  Within a few seconds, it was confirmed that a cleft lip was visible (he couldn't see if the palate was affected and this would only...

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A little story about me!

Name: JenAge: 32 (just...!) Star sign: CancerianLives: Kent OK...we're done!  Just kidding.  I was born in 1987 to my Mum & Dad and I have one older brother.  I was born in Oxford and neither of my parents were expecting me to pop out with a Cleft Lip and Palate.  Scans had showed me to be a healthy baby and my brother didn't have any issues, so my parents were not on high alert.  As I was handed to my mum, the midwife said 'congratulations, don't worry, we can fix it'.  Even to this day, my mum says she was so grateful for that midwife's reaction and comment.  My hospital stay lasted about 10 days, as they needed to scan me...

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