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Expressing Colostrum for Expectant Mamas

When I was pregnant with Will, I was forewarned that feeding from the start may be in issue.  This was so disheartening but at least I was aware that there could be issues.  Most of you will know Will's feeding journey if you have been following for a while, but in summary: couldn't bottle feed, had an NG tube for 6 months and started cup feeding around 16 weeks and weaning from 17 weeks.  However, that is only our journey, lots of people have no issues at all and there are some success stories with pumping and even breastfeeding!

Our cleft nurse mentioned during my pregnancy that it could be worth looking into colostrum harvesting.  At that point I had no idea what she was talking about but they referred me to our midwife to discuss.  The midwife got me an antenatal colostrum harvesting kit and gave me some hints and tips as to how to do it.  Due to my stress levels and lack of time relaxing, I wasn't successful in doing it but it made me wonder how many other women in a similar situation may be keen to do colostrum harvesting.

With Don't Get Lippy, I wanted there to be some more support for future Cleft Mamas, so I reached out to a friend-of-a-friend who is a Lactation Consultant.  Hannah has very kindly done a 'Why & How to' video for anyone interested in colostrum harvesting which you can view here.  Thank you so much, Hannah! 

Hannah is available in the Kent area for 1:1 and available over Skype for anyone who would like some support.  Her website can be viewed here.

Let me know in the comments either your journey around colostrum harvesting or if you have any extra questions that we can look to answer! 

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