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Don't Get Lippy & Smile Train

A couple of weeks ago, I was announced as a Smile Train Ambassador! Learning in recent weeks what they do has made me want to be part of their family, raising awareness of the cleft condition as well as their amazing work in over 90+ counties worldwide. I did an IGTV video announcing the partnership which you can see here!

When speaking to other Smile Train Ambassadors and doing some research, I found out:

* Smile Train's local staff and medical partners actively find babies and children in developing countries to make them aware of the 100%-free Smile Train-supported surgery available to them

* Smile Train offer a comprehensive cleft care service, including speech therapy, nutritional services and psychological input

* They use the ‘Teach a Man to Fish’ model - Smile Train trains local health professionals in cleft surgery, therefore creating a sustainable model to help future babies, children and families affected by the cleft condition

* All in all, it costs £150 for one baby to receive life changing surgery and everything that goes along with it

I'm so excited to be on board with them and see how I can help them in the future. You can find out more and see the incredible work Smile Train do by following them on Instagram and by heading over to their website!

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